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Unique Tattoo Designs

Stand Out From the Crowd!

Nothing is worse than having the same tattoo as everyone else! That’s why finding unique tattoo designs is more important than ever these days. Thankfully, there are galleries full of thousands of tattoos that you can use for inspiration to find your own unique tattoo design. You can even incorporate different designs together to make your own even more unique.

If you’re lucky enough to know an artist, you can work with them so they’ll design the perfect tattoo for you. Since this is something that will come from your own mind, it will be absolutely unique to you. It’s great if you’re friends with an artist who’ll do it for free, but more often than not you’ll be charged a hefty fee for this on top of getting the actual tattoo.

Many people will have more luck finding the right galleries. There are free ones out there, but you can be sure that other people using the free ones will get the same tattoos — they certainly aren’t unique! It is far better to go with one of the premium Galleries that offers thousands upon thousands of different tattoos, and allows them to be customized. Sure, you’ll pay a small fee, but it is well worth it so you’ll have a unique tattoo design.

Instead of hiring an artist to come up with a completely new design for you, you can take one of the designs you find in these galleries and have your artist tweak it. He can add lettering and certain details, or eliminate details that you don’t want. A good artist will work with you on creating the perfect tattoo that fits your personal style.

As was briefly mentioned, one of the best ways to do this is to add names or wording. This can be your own name, that of a friend or family member, the name of someone who has passed away, scripture, words, and many other options. This will add a level of personalization that will certainly make your tattoo unique.

There is no reason to follow the crowd when it comes to getting a tattoo. Everyone gets tired of seeing the same little butterfly put on the small of so many women’s backs, and the same topless woman on a man’s biceps! It’s time to add your own style and flair into the mix and get something that will be truly unique. Not only will people admire you, but you’ll feel more attached to the tattoo as something that is uniquely yours. Don’t go with the flow; get something better!



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